Part Blue Peter demonstration, part thriller, this new work begins with a fascination with foley; the archaic, tender and hand-made technique of making sound effects for film.

Using our collective cinematic language Bannon explores this very particular art form where the chase scene, the sex scene and the bit where the door is kicked off it’s hinges can all be conjured with party poppers, bits of wood and lots of vegetables. This perfectly poised performance plays with home-made sound effects, imagination and good old fashioned suspense to create a world where your ears can’t believe what they are seeing.

“one of the best things I’ve heard or seen it quite some time…captivating to both experience and to hear. With dark comedy and Bannon giving a brilliant theatrical performance.”

- A Younger Theatre

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Studio Performance  |  Duration: 60 min

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“In Bannon’s world everything is, deliciously, at the service of the sounds”

- Real Time Arts, Australia

“…her performance turns into a slapstick representation of the attempt to make theatre – the energy and effort of pretending, and perhaps of losing yourself in the pretence.  The deceit, then, in Bannon’s performance, is not the magic of the sound effects – if anything, that’s a red herring.  She’s interested in the line between reality and the imagination and she embodies this transformation herself.”

- Mary Paterson, Open Dialogues

“The Pitter Patter of ominous feet pursue you through Bannon’s rich and engaging audio landscape. this is the visual feast of the cinema without the moving pictures.”

- Pete Philips, Search Party

Credits: Created by Jo Bannon. Performed by Jo Bannon and Rebecca Hall. Dramaturgical support by Lucy Cassidy. Developed in association with the New Vic Theatre, Newcastle under Lyme. Further support by Residence, Testing Grounds and South Hill Park.

Images: Carl Newland