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One to One Performance  |  Duration: 10 min

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“...this work is certainly very special. To fully know one’s self may be impossible, but Bannon gives us a chance to explore that possibility, and, oddly, this is a rare occasion where you may leave the space wanting to thank the artist rather than simply congratulate them.”

- Total Theatre

“This step into the dark may cause trepidation but it’s a ten minute encounter well worth taking.”

- The Public Reviews

“A candid, powerful and moving self-portrait which is free from nostalgia, but has a note of real melancholy.”

- Exeunt Magazine

Credits: Created by Jo Bannon.

Exposure was made with the support of Rules and Regs and South Hill Park.

Supported by Unlimited; celebrating the work of disabled artists, Bristol Ferment, Residence, Dartington Hall Trust, The Basement, Royal West of England Academy, Arnolfini and BAC,

Produced by MAYK

Funded by Arts Council England

Images by Manuel Vason


Exposure is the beginning of an investigation into how we look, how we are looked at and if we can ever really be seen. This intimate one to one performance is a tender and tentative look into autobiography, asking how fully we can reveal ourselves - to ourselves, to another, with another.

”An extraordinary 10 minutes which considers not just how we look but what we choose to look at too.”

- Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

It comes out of a tentative enquiry I am making into autobiography and into how I look and appear in the world, this is informed by my relationship to the fact that I have albinism. Albinism, a condition which affects my pigmentation and also my sight, affects both how I physically see and experience the world and how I am seen and perceived.

“Simple, beautiful, evocative – authentic!”

- Audience Member