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One to One Performance  |  Duration: 20 min

If you are a programmer and would like further information about this project please contact me.


Created by Jo Bannon.

Light and Sound Design by Alex Bradley.

Original Concept by Jo Bannon and Lucy Cassidy.

Commissioned by In Between Time and developed with the support of Residence, Bristol Ferment and Proximity Festival.

Images by Paul Blakemore. Film by Jo Hellier.

Dead Line

Because we can’t talk to the dead but we can talk to the living. Dead Line invites you to confront your own mortality, to ask another what you daren’t even ask yourself. A one to one encounter which will help you sleep at night.

"Dead Line offers us the opportunity to step away from the hustle and bustle of just being and to think about coming to a stop. Strangely this experience is immensely positive and uplifting...a privileged moment I treasure still and I hope you will too." 

- Helen Cole, Director, In Between Time

Dead Line is a publicly sited work which is part-installation, part-theatre performance, for one person at a time. Dead Line is a live encounter that creates a space to talk openly, or a little more openly, about our fears, hopes and desires for living and dying.

Some thoughts on the making of Dead Line can be found here