Claim to Fame

What’s your claim to fame?

Claim to Fame is a unique and playfully interactive enquiry which attempts to build a community of strangers linked solely by their brushes with stardom.

Convinced that everybody has one I have been asking people to take part in this exchange by answering the question 'what's your claim to fame?' This provocation has led to a collection of prized encounters, personal achievements and random celebrity meetings which are in turn surprising, touching and humourous.

Taking the form of a one to one encounter for public spaces, the work seeks to question our attitudes to familiarity and intimacy. It is an attempt to enliven the past, by reliving, retelling, recording and reunion. It is about slight yet intimate encounters and attempts to be one itself.

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Interactive performance installation for public spaces  |  Duration: min 4 hours

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“I was really inspired by how delicate and touching your piece was in the foyer. I hope you make a publication of it some day so I can buy it.  It really was one of my favourite things I saw over the festival.” 

- Audience Member

“Claim to Fame is a highly enjoyable, generous encounter. Jo Bannon is a charming host, teasing out our stories in a gentle and playful manner, which keeps the participating audience right at the centre of the experience.”

- Audience Member

Credits: Created by Jo Bannon. Developed with the support of Residence, You and Your Work and Arnolfini.